Wilmer Leon Pens New Book with Insights on Politics & the Presidency


WASHINGTON, D.C., November 17, 2016 – Wilmer J. Leon III, Ph.D., the noted author, political scientist and nationally broadcast radio show host, released his new book, Politics Another Perspective: Analysis of Race, War, Ethics and the American Political Landscape in the Age of Obama, a collection of opinion pieces and essays.

bookcoverThe provocative, thought-provoking writings shed light on the intense, volatile world of America’s geopolitical landscape since 2006. Leon pulls no punches, taking on a wide variety of issues, including the historic presidency of Barack Obama to the racial tension spawn by a spate of police shootings, leading to civil unrest in cities around the country. An autographed copy of the book is available on Dr. Leon’s website: http://www.wilmerleon.com/reading

Dr. Leon’s essay asks the right questions about race and democracy. Dr. Julianne Malveaux, economist and author, Are We Better Off: Race, Obama and Public Policy, described the book this way, “In an era when too many are silenced for fear of rocking the boat of the status quo, Wilmer Leon has signaled his willingness to go out on a limb and speak truth to power. Bravo!” Dr. Cornel West, educator, author and philosopher, said, “Wilmer Leon is one of the few Black prophetic voices in the age of Obama. This book confirms this status – courageous, visionary and consistent!”

Leon is a political scientist whose primary areas of expertise are black politics, American government, and public policy. For 11 years, he was a Lecturer in the Political Science Department at Howard University in Washington, D.C. He is the producer/host of the nationally broadcast talk radio program “Inside the Issues with Wilmer Leon” on Sirius XM Satellite radio channel 126, a nationally syndicated columnist with the Trice Edney News Wire and a regular political commentator on national and international news programs. Dr. Leon earned a B.S. degree in political science from Hampton Institute, a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Howard University.

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