Bullying won’t take down Occupy Wall Street

By Wayne Dawkins


So in Oakland, crowd control means tear gassing Occupy Wall Street-West demonstrators. Dozens of Atlanta demonstrators – the southern flank – were arrested too.


For now it looks like the Midwest flank – Chicago – is not being hassled too much. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is just as annoyed as Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, but both leaders appear to understand that they earn no public relations points if they unleash the cops as the protesters remain peaceful and simply an inconvenience to other citizens.


The demonstrators’ purpose is to inconvenience and annoy citizens so they pay attention. Lives and livelihoods have been ruined because of corporate greed and feckless behavior. It was time to take a stand and lead a siege.


Some friendly advice and historical context to other politicians, surrogate cops and corporate types who think bullying and violence will chase the protestors away:


  • Remember why Christianity is a leading world religion. The decadent, polytheistic Romans kept killing peasant Christians, but the slayings did not make the movement retreat, it only made the people more determined. Their ideas won.
  • The Occupy Wall Street protestors are not WTO [World Trade Organization] -style anarchists. Most have been so civil and disciplined they sanitized a New York park themselves when they learned the authorities were going to use cleanliness as an excuse to evict them. In isolated cases police have been caught on video brutalizing peaceful demonstrators. Are those the type of scenes that will sway public opinion to the overdogs? Don’t think so.
  • I have not seen the comparisons yet but the spreading Occupy Wall Street movements recall the “Hoovervilles” of the Great Depression in the 1930s and the post-Martin Luther King Jr. slaying Poor Peoples march on Washington that fizzled in the late 1960s.

Poor-, working- and middle-class protest against the oligarchs is not new; it happens every few generations. If spectators are tired of the inconvenience it’s time to do something about the injustices the participants are exposing.





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Occupy protestors unlike WTO anarchists


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