Will Rick Perry Try to 'Swift Boat' President Obama?

(Dallas) Texas Gov. Rick Perry has thrown his ten-gallon hat, cowboy boots and holster into the 2012 presidential campaign. Yee-ha! Another Texan running for the presidency of the United States - just what the nation ordered.  Somewhere in Austin there's a message that says it's OK for any governor from the great state of Texas to leapfrog from the "state house" to the White House. Just call it Texas bravado. 


What Perry knows is that he if he plays his cards right, he might get the benefit of those 'great Americans', many of whom were based here in this state who raised tens of millions of dollars to create the 'Swift Boat' campaign that destroyed the credibility of Vietnam War veteran Sen. John Kerry's presidential aspirations in 2004. The efforts were orchestrated by GOP strategist Karl Rove who not so quietly lurks in the background of this presidential campaign.  Don't be surprised if Perry, with the help of Rove and sometimes-foe former President George W. Bush, rally their wealthy businessmen to pool their finances to blame all of the nation's economic crisis solely on President Obama's shoulders'.

There's no doubt that Perry will tap into funders who will want to rewrite the nation's history over the past 11 years to make it appear that all that's wrong with the country is President Barack Obama's fault.  Add The Tea Party Movement and you have one of the most hateful, divisive campaigns this nation will have ever seen.  What's sad about this is that Perry will try to out-Tea Party Michelle Bachman, who already has demonstrated how you don't have to be smart to be a presidential candidate - just come up with the right buzz words to get your base excited. That's what politicians do. In fact, that's what candidate Obama did in 2008.  Isn't it ironic that candidate Perry is talking about "change in America" and Bachmann talks about taking America back. 


Don't be surprised if Perry appeals to those one-time President Obama supporters, particularly independents, by throwing the phrase "change" in their faces to try to woo them to the nefarious Tea Party goals of "getting government out of out lives" and cutting taxes.  Oh, who needs local police or firefighters anyway? That's why small towns have volunteer police and fire departments anyway? Right?


If Perry's entry into this candidate has done anything is that is should energize the President Obama re-election campaign, the DNC and all the other Obama supporters to get on the offensive now with the right story lines and messaging.   With a nation in such a funk, many people will believe anything anybody says - even if it's flat out wrong. Democrats will need to start shouting loudly and more clearly now to ensure the re-election to the White House.  There needs to be a moment like there was in 2006 when former President Bill Clinton waved his finger in Fox News journalists' face Chris Wallace face accusing his network - and conservatives of distorting the facts.  If the Dems decide to play nice, then they can expect to to get run over by Perry and his supporters'  'Swift Boat' mentality.